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Bonsai Care

Overall Bonsai Care

The basics of Bonsai care. Bonsai trees are a beautiful and unique addition to any home or garden. These miniature trees require special care to thrive, but with the right techniques and knowledge, you can keep your Bonsai healthy and beautiful for m

How do I water my bonsai?

Watering your bonsai. When watering your bonsai tree, it is important not to water routinely on fixed days, but to water your bonsai tree thoroughly whenever the soil feels slightly dry. It is extremely important to ensure that the water reaches the

How much light does my tree need?

Indoor bonsai trees need to be placed in a location with bright but indirect light. Avoid placing the bonsai near air vents or other sources of draft, as these can cause the tree to dry out or become stressed.

How can I fertilize my bonsai?

General information. Fertilizing is an essential aspect of caring for a bonsai tree. A well-balanced fertilizer can provide the necessary nutrients to the tree, promote healthy growth, and improve the tree’s overall appearance. Fertilizing your tree.

Do I need to repot my bonsai?

Bonsai trees need to be repotted every 2-3 years to provide them with fresh soil and to give the roots room to grow.

Do need to prune my tree?

Regular pruning helps maintain the shape of the tree and encourages new growth, but is not a must. Use sharp, clean secateurs to prune back new growth to the desired length. Remove dead or damaged branches or leaves as soon as you notice them. In sho