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How can I fertilize my bonsai?Updated a year ago

General information

Fertilizing is an essential aspect of caring for a bonsai tree. A well-balanced fertilizer can provide the necessary nutrients to the tree, promote healthy growth, and improve the tree’s overall appearance.

Fertilizing your tree

1. Fertilizing Schedule: The fertilizing schedule for a bonsai tree can vary depending on the species and the time of year. Typically, bonsai trees require fertilizing every two weeks during the growing season, which is from early spring to late summer. During the fall and winter months, you should reduce the frequency of fertilization to once a month.

2. Application: When applying fertilizer, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. For liquid fertilizers, you can dilute the fertilizer in water and apply it to the soil around the tree. For granular fertilizers, sprinkle the fertilizer on the soil surface and water the tree afterwards to help the nutrients reach the roots.

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