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Will I get the same tree as on the picture?

At The Bonsaist, we pride ourselves on offering bonsai trees of the highest quality. While it is not possible to deliver exactly the tree in our photos, we can assure you that the tree you receive is of the exact same species, pot size, age etc. This

Are bonsai trees suitable for indoor or outdoor environments?

Bonsai trees can be found both indoors as well as outdoors. Some species are more suited for indoor environments with filtered light, while others thrive in outdoor conditions with proper sunlight and protection from extreme weather conditions. We ha

Does it matter what species I choose?

When choosing a bonsai tree in advance, it is nice to make a choice based on your needs and experience:. 1. Experience: even though bonsai care using a number of steps is quite simple, there are some species that are a bit more "beginner-friendly". F

What size of bonsai tree should I start with?

Bonsai trees come in various sizes, ranging from small desktop versions to larger outdoor specimens. For beginners, it's often recommended to start with a small or medium-sized bonsai tree. These are more manageable and allow you to learn the basic p

I do not have the time/am not good at taking care of plants. What tree should I take?

If you have little time or are not good at taking care of plants, I recommend our "Preserved Collection". This collection consists of bonsai trees that have been specially preserved and no longer need water or sunlight. These trees retain their natur

Where do the trees come from?

Our collection of Bonsai trees consist of indoor and outdoor bonsai and are imported from Japan, China, South-Korea, and Indonesia. With the help of people with years of experience and good contacts with the producers in the producing countries, we a